"BOTTOMLESS PITIFUL - PART 1" - Continued from Episode 36!



The Title has Changed but our Story Continues!

I decided to change the name of this on-going story, as "Paper Air Pains" no longer applied. I'm planning to change the name again soon (when it's appropriate) to finish off the story. So I guess I'll have made a Trilogy when the story comes to an end.

I've had the idea for using a bottomless pit in this comic for several years... and I liked how I could use it to save Newt and John from certain death... but also the gags I can do with it. I've written this story to the end, with some good dialogue and sight-gags coming up... so I hope you'll come back each week and check it out!


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This episode also marks the first use of some artwork I created using my new iPad and the "Sketchbook Pro" app. I've used the iPad to write the scripts using "Pages", and to get some extra artwork done during my commute that I can add to my Flash scenes later. The farm in the first panel was created with a variety of techniques... the sky was matted in to match the sky background I used in the previous episodes, the farm was tinted to match, the foreground sign was created on my iPad, as was the layers of grass and weeds. Then all were adjusted, and turned into vector art and symbols with Flash to create the final image with rain and light mist effects. The 2nd panel "upshot" was created in Sketchbook Pro as well... then I dropped in the characters, sky background and rain effects.

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All the best,

Mike Hogue - August 30th / 2010