"BOTTOMLESS PITIFUL - PART 3" - Episode 39 - Double Issue!


Finally after 39 episodes, I get an easy one!

The one thing I've been looking forward to with this story, is the point when the bottomless pit becomes so dark that you only see their eyes and mouth. Why?, well, from day one I've stayed firm on my commitment to keeping the quality of the artwork in Newt and John the same level it was in the first episodes. This often means many many hours if not a full day on one panel, like I had with the 'Eyeball Creature' in the last episode. So, as time per-panel goes... this episode became a much needed 'easy one' for me... as our heroes fall and argue in total darkness.


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The episode wasn't part of my original script... other than the first panel where Newt comments on how long they've been falling. But that is what got me to thinking... ok, now that i've got them falling through the earth... how long would that actually take to get to the other side? So, i looked up the diameter of the earth. (because I played sports after school with the other kids. lol). Which is 7926 Miles wide at the equator, and divided it by their 'terminal velocity' rate of 122 mph... ( thank you, Mythbusters! ) But, math is not very exciting to read, so I added a bit of a debate with Newt's comments in every other panel. Newt's question about football started off as a question asking "Alight then, What teams did Wayne Gretzky play for?"... which I liked, but I felt a football reference was more general. John's answer remained the same for both questions though. By switching it to football, I liked that it gave me a couple more opportunities to reference it later. My favourite being the word "Quarterback?" that is mixed in with John's chalkboard thoughts in the 2nd last panel... as though he's so stressed, and can't shake newt's original question from his thoughts while trying to work out the math... and indicating he doesn't have a clue what a quarterback is.

Well, there's a lot of information about an episode that might as well be called "Math and Eyeballs" (so I put that in the title)... but fret not!...another 'double-episode' will be online this coming Monday!.. with more eyeballs, and some cool artwork to look at!

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Mike Hogue - Sept 20th / 2010