"BOTTOMLESS PITIFUL - PART 4" - Episode 40 - Double Issue!


R.I.P "GLOWIE" - 2010... We hardly knew Ye.

Ok, just like the previous episode, this one was not a part of my original story... but I liked the idea of mis-directing the reader to thinking Newt and John were finally at the end of their journey... only to reveal the "light at the end of the tunnel" was actually a new creature. It also gave the reader a much-needed break from looking at the boring eyeballs against black background. I intentionally based all light sources in those panels using "Glowie" as a center-point. You'll also notice I put bright highlights on Newt and John's pupils... which I've never used before. In this case it really added something, and gave a sense of closeness to the light source.

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"Glowie" was created in "Sketchbook Pro" on my iPad. A simple soft brush effect. I tried different styles til I found a look I liked. I added the black eyeballs, white pupils and mouth in flash. I had some fun with the design of the 'sparklies' when Glowie disintegrates... (Poor little guy...) the effect was made in Sketchbook Pro, exported with a transparent background and placed into the scene... then I adjusted the light-source so it seemed the light was fading, and moving up out of scene. (They are falling afterall.)

Well, if you've been a devoted reader since the beginning of this story (I'd like to think there might be a couple of you out there)... you'll be happy to know there are only a couple episodes left in this on-going story. Yay! I must admit, it's been great to feel like I've accomplished what I set out to do with this story, and the end is now in sight. But do not fear! I have many more places I want to take our two Heroes! So if you aren't already...BECOME a devoted fan! Read all the episodes in the Archive, and come back to read Newt and John each week!

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Mike Hogue - Sept 27th / 2010