First Post! - The Story So Far...

Welcome to my Art and Animation Production Diary!

Ok, I’m a little behind the net on starting a Blog.  It’s really come down to having a custom site to showcase it.  I have several Art and Animation sites that I maintain… but I wanted a way to talk about everything I have going on, in one convenient place… so, that’s what this site will be.  Special thanks to Pierre Marcel of Imagery Fusion for setting up this new open-source ‘Drupal’ website, and for giving me a refresher course on how to maintain the site and upload my content.

I’ve been told that I write the way I talk, casual, friendly, funny… with the occasional footnote, or long-winded tangent.  So, that’s what you can expect in here.  I'll try and keep future posts shorter though.  ;) 


Also, if you have an interest in learning flash or animation basics, check out my Tutorial Section!

A little about me:

I live near Toronto, Canada.  I’ve been an Artist my whole life, and a Professional Animator since graduating the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in the mid-90’s.

A lot about my career:  

Anastasia (1997)    -    Bartok the Magnificent (1999)    -    Titan A.E (2000)Right after college, I was hired into the classical animation department at 20th Century “Fox Animation Studios”, in Arizona.  Working first as an Inbetweener / Breakdown Artist, eventually becoming an Assistant Animator to the Directing Animator.  Over 4 years I worked on the 3 films we produced.  “Anastasia”, “Bartok the Magnificent”, and “Titan A.E”… under the direction of Veteran Animators, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman


Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (2005)After moving back to Canada, I worked for a year and a half at a video game company, as a computer animator, working mostly on the cinematics, and prop / weapon modelling on the Nintendo Video game, “Eternal Darkness”.



I chose to continue my career by working freelance with my own home-based studio, Sketchbook Animation.  I taught myself Macromedia Flash (Now Adobe Flash), simply because it was affordable software, and I wanted to make some full colour animation for the internet.  I never realized at the time that major animation studios would adopt this software, creating Flash Animation departments for Internet, Television and Film.  As it evolved, I evolved with it, trying to push what could be done with Flash.


A promotional postcard I created - Crediting the 4 members of the team that brought these unique Flash-Animated Shorts to life! (2005)Over the years, I have been a part of some cool flash projects, like “Michel Gagne’s Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets” as the animator of 9 of the 12 award-winning shorts. 

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets



Screenshots from my first appearances on "Call for Help" with Leo Laporte (Summer of 2005)I also made TV appearances for 2 years as “The Flash Guy” on the popular Tech-TV show

Call for Help! with Leo Laporte"… teaching flash and animation basics to a worldwide audience.



Front Cover of the "Dynamic Media Book" - (2007)I have also been featured in a Tutorial Book for Adobe...

"Dynamic Media: Music, Video, Animation, and the Web in Adobe PDF".

In addition to having a very long title, this book shows the step by step process of making your animation, video, music and other media come to life within an Adobe Acrobat / PDF file, which makes it possible to be digitally downloaded, much like songs in iTunes.  This process makes it possible for downloads of interactive magazines, comics, brochures, etc.  The book also came with a dvd copy of the entire book, in the same interactive format it was teaching... page for page identical, but it would come to life with video, sound and animation when viewed on your computer.  This book was the first of it's kind, and a sign of things to come in the new digital age.

I was interviewed and featured throughout Chapter 19, "Flash"... demonstrating the many uses of flash design and animation along with my character, "Jinx the Black Cat". 


Show Logos of Jacbo Two-Two, George of the Jungle, Franklin the Turtle, and PuccaI’ve also animated on well-known flash cartoon shows, like, "Jacob Two-Two", "Franklin the Turtle" (flash animated storybook), “Pucca” season one and two for Jetix, the first season of the new “George of the Jungle” series, an hour-long “Being Ian” environmental special, and some flash-animated Charlie Brown “Peanuts” cartoons that were sold on iTunes.  The best show however, is the one I’m currently working on, called “Stoked”… a Teen Comedy based on Surfing and Surf culture..with amazing art direction and effects.  It is set to air this year… and is like nothing you’ve ever seen made in Flash…it is beautiful, cool, and fun to watch.  The talented people bringing "Stoked" to life, are mostly from classically trained animation backgrounds... and you can see the quality work in the style and animation in the show.

One of the best parts of working with flash is it has allowed me to work on many of my own projects, bringing ideas to full colour animation quickly and affordably.


Promotional Banner for my Flash Animated Website starring "Jinx the Black Cat" - www.jinxtheblackcat.comPromotional Banner for my comic series "Newt and John" - www.newtandjohn.comMy main projects have been my fully animated website and artwork of “Jinx the Black Cat":

and my online comic series: “Newt and John : Two Roommates Take On The Universe!”:


The above credits and additional information can be found at my page on the Internet Movie Database

In Future posts, I’ll talk about my time working on each of these productions and projects, since starting my career….as individual posts in more detail. Those 'biographies' will be once in a while, as this blog is also a production journal for my current projects.   I have several book and animation projects on the go that I’ll be giving behind-the-scene details on, as the blog continues…

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Thanks for reading!..  More posts to come!


Mike Hogue