Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Special Effects Demo Reel!

Screenshots from Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Reel.  You can View it at: http://youtu.be/4XYMbKMLXTM?hd=1

I have edited together a Professional Demo Reel Collection of some of my more complex Flash Character Animation, Effects and Scene Compositing Work from various productions.

It's just a sample of what I've had the pleasure of working on in my career.

Everything was animated in Macromedia Flash MX, and Flash 8 including all effects, camera moves and in-scene transitions... Click here to read more and watch the video...

Scenes include clips from the 9 shorts I animated as a part of Michel Gagne's Award-Winning "Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets" interstitials.
My freelance work on 45 episodes of the TV series "Pucca" for Studio B Productions, FX Design and Complete scene Compositing on 52 episodes of the Cartoon Surfing Series "Stoked" for Elliott Animation Studios, and clips from the completed animated short "Accountant's Technology Expo" for Elliott Animation's "Dunce Bucket" project... with some bonus clips from each production in the end credits.

Background Music is the perfect song, "Graveyard Shift" by Sam Roberts Band... Canadian Rock at it's best!


I hope you enjoy this video!.. it's a good example of some of the fun work I've had with my Career in Animation!  You can find this video and others in the new "VIDEO" section of my website.


Mike Hogue