"Misfortune Cookie" The Conclusion - TRIPLE-SIZED Episode!


At last!... Bringin' Newt and John Home!

Ok, I admit, I didn't expect to just leave Newt and John on the other side of the world, trying to hitch-hike their way home for the last few months... but better late than never, I'm finishing this very long story that I started in an oversized Paper Airplane, way back in April of 2010. I'm happy to tell you I'll soon be posting new comics with new ideas and new shorter multi-episodes coming soon!!!


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Some of you may have thought that I vanished or gave up on the series. Life, Work and lack of energy simply got in the way. This last episode was particularly long and took a lot of planning to keep within 3 pages, and custom designs for newt's food, and hat. I used to see those "Damn Seagulls" baseball hats at flea markets all the time... I figured a Rice-Hat version would be a fun novelty to sell in China... (as a bonus detail, the white tag even says "Hat" in chinese!)

I'm all about continuity as well, so I wanted to keep Newt's 'eating' consistant from shot to shot. I finally just focussed on these 19 panels over the last 2 days to get it done. I also renamed this episode to tie in to the content, but it is continued from the previous part of the story, "Bottomless Pitiful - Part 5".

So glad to be finished... Here it is just past 3am, and it's all done and ready to share... which is the best part of making Newt and John!

I hope you've enjoyed this on-going story!...as long as it took to get to the end, I design each episode so it stands on it's own, and has enough entertainment in each page. So if you like what you've seen, Pass a link on to your friends!...it's is always appreciated! Take a moment to subscribe to this website's RSS FEED for instant notification when each comic is online!.. or Follow me on TWITTER!
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All the best,

Mike Hogue - February 22nd / 2011