"MUGBOT" - New Newt and John Episode!


The Evolution of "MUGBOT"

It's taken over a year to get this comic online. I started working on it just after I had finished Episode 20, without knowing I'd get so busy with work that I wouldn't find the time or energy to finish it for over a year. I planned for this to be episode 21, but I thought the idea of "Jump the Shark" was more appropriate to bring back the series... and I couldn't let another April Fools Day pass without a comic either. So here we are at episode 23, and I'm glad I finally get to introduce MUGBOT to the world! LOL.


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MUGBOT started out as a silly design I came up with in Google's Sketchup software. A boxy little robot with one arm. I was thinking of the classic "HERO-1" robots I would see in early 1980's science magazines, and the occasional TV show like "Whiz Kids". I always wanted one of these robots, even though I think I'd still be lost on how to build and program one. I was such a nerd... heh, "was".

While working with the design, I thought he looked like a coffee mug with a handle. So I made his head a hollow shape and voila, MUGBOT was born! This immediately sparked the idea of a robot designed to carry hot liquids, but was sadly built with pain-circuits in his head. His purpose is his pain! ...Poor MUGBOT!

MUGBOT is the first 3D Character or prop I've made for Newt and John, that is turned into a 2D Flash Design. This allowed me to make many different angles of MUGBOT to cover all the up and downshots angles, and 2-Character closeup scenes in this comic. Notice that Newt and John are always a 3/4 angle, which works no matter what view we see of MUGBOT. I also designed his temperature indicator to look like his mouth. It is set at 'Red Hot' for most of the comic until the last 2 panels where the arrow is pointing to 'Cool' Blue.

So, it's good to see that MUGBOT survived his brain-trauma in this episode... so I can use him again in the future! In addition to building this little guy in 3D, I also created plans for a Paper Toy that you can download and print, then cut out, fold and glue your own 3D MUGBOT! With that being said, I won't be able to upload the paper-toy kit until later this week... so check back to this commentary soon!

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All the best, Mike Hogue - April 14th / 2010