"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 11" - TRIPLE-SIZED Newt and John Episode!



This 3-page episode took a lot longer than expected to finish. I originally granted myself the equivalent 3 weeks to do it... but it is summer time which tends to mean visiting family and taking some weekend trips more... The comic had to be put on hold. But fear not true believers! Newt and John continue!


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This episode finally rounds out the chase, and makes good use of the giant Olive! You'll possibly recognize the familiar wording of dialogue in panel 4... as what Princess Leia says to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back just before they enter the asteroid field... I threw that in for the novelty of it. This episode also allowed me to finally use my favorite "Onomatopoeia" (words used to describe sounds)... in the pimento-popping Panel #11.... POIT!... I've just always thought it was a funny sounding-word, and makes a good popping sound.

So, everything has rounded out nicely in this story... Newt and John have eluded the evil military fighters and taking a scenic tour all the way to the Giant Olive on a Toothpick... Newt has even complimented John, and John feels appreciated for his efforts... all is right with the world... or did you notice the "to be continued" at the end... hmmm.

So, here's the deal. It took me a long time to get this episode finished, and to get it "just right"... so I'm going to hold it on the main page for the next 2 weeks...to buy some time to make the next episode... to be continued 2 Mondays from now with episode 35! So, stay tuned and come back for the next episode!

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Mike Hogue - August 2nd / 2010