"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 12" - Double-Issue Newt and John Episode!


What goes up...

Well, it seems that John's unbeatable Paper Airplane has one weakness! I had some fun making it look more and more disintegrated over the first 5 panels.


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Naturally when John is inspired by an idea, he makes a theme out of it... so of course the parachute would be made out of paper too! He always seems to only pack one though. (It's easier to draw, and gets the two side-by-side for dialogue). In this case I like that they're forced to share it, back-to-back, while angry. It reminds me of the last time the two needed a parachute in EPISODE 10 - "Deserted Part-1" (one of my favourite episodes by the way).

So the two are plummeting to Earth with only seconds left!.. is this the end of Newt and John? Come back for the next episode with a NEW TITLE next week!

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Mike Hogue - August 16th / 2010