"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 13" - Double-Issue Newt and John Episode!


What would you think about in your last moments?...

I wrote this episode a couple months ago, with only the images in my head of the two of them falling and either having a slap-fight, or wrestling. The posing was tricky, as it's easy to overlap these two, and make it so you can see their expression, or it wouldn't feel like they're struggling with each other. In the 9th panel (4 from the end), I like how Newt looks like he's setting John up for the ultimate World Wrestling Federation "PILEDRIVER" move.


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Even though I wrote this a couple months ago, I originally thought I'd show a closeup on the "weather girl's" rear end in that cute business skirt... but I liked the idea of letting you, the reader, imagine it based on the dialogue. I just wish I thought of that sooner. Truth is, I sat and stared at that 'weather girl' speech balloon for 3 hours on Sunday night.

There were so many plays on words and double-entendres... only to keep it as a simple visual of her bending over in that 'business skirt'. lol. I originally had plays on "warm front" "High pressure system"... etc... and found it just wasn't' working. I also preferred her to sound like some dumb intern on camera, trying to use her "pointer-thingy" on the weather map.

Also, the last 3 panels didn't have dialogue in the original script... but I wanted more of a joke, than just images of peril.... I had a few options as well, even considered having Newt and John hold up a "Yikes!" sign in the 2nd last panel... which is of course what lead me to think of the "coyote" line. I would've prefered to say "Wile E. Coyote", but he is trademarked... and I knew people would know who I was talking about the way I worded it.

So, our Roommates are seconds away from impact... all hope is lost... will they surive? Come back and see in the next exciting episode! The Story will continue with a new Title so don't think you're missing anything when you see the title change!

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Mike Hogue - August 23rd / 2010