"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 2" - New Newt and John Episode!


Newt and John's high-flying adventure continues!...

Newt has been Newt-napped! Or at least lied to... Wow, John can be a jerk some times.

I'm having fun with the new layout style. It's giving me so much more room for the speech balloons, allowing for slightly larger fonts at times too. This was always a problem with the early episodes. Many of those I feel in hind-sight, I should have made into 2 page episodes... just to clean it up a little. Still though, it did offer a challenge to really tell a lot in each panel of artwork.



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I created many different views of the Jet to cover every angle I'd need to tell the story. Originally my plan was to keep the views of the complete jet simple... with just solid colour fills on the windshield. However with a view like the first panel, I thought it would look so much cooler being able to see Newt and John in the cockpit, even if they're really small in the scene. I like how the new shot turned out. For other angles, the solid colour windshield gives me more freedom to 'generalize' where the speech balloons are coming from. As sometimes it's necessary to have Newt's dialogue first, even though he's technically sitting on the other side of the plane. This is also what lead me to turn the jet upside-down in panel 4... it gave a more interesting visual as Newt complained about his "newt sickness", and the speech balloons would be in the right spot to read in the correct order... something I always have to consider as I plan the layout of these comics.

You'll notice in the next episode that the sky colours lighten more. Not a major detail, but since I started out the first episode early morning, I figured I'd keep some of those morning pink and purple colours in this episode and transition to light blue in the episode 26.

So there's some details about part 2 of this On-going story! Which leads me to say...
"Woo Hoo!.. 25 Full-Page Episodes!"... A small victory!

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Mike Hogue - April 26th / 2010