"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 4" - New Newt and John Episode!

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Hmmm, with the amount of superheroes created by Marvel, Image and DC comics, I'm surprised no one has created "The Newt Avenger". I wonder if it's simply in the name itself... as when you say it out loud it sounds like "The Nude Avenger". Which Doesn't leave much to conceal a Secret Identity! Ha-Ha!

When I came up with the other two comic titles, "Captain Manatee" popped in my head and I kept it... but I debated over using the term "Johnny" in the other title, to avoid confusion with my character John. But, it seemed like every classic 1960's Golden Era comic book and space story had a title like "Johnny Space Commander" and "Johnny Rocket". So I thought it sounded funny to give "Johnny" the most boring job in outer space!.. then again, who wouldn't want to read about zero-gravity root-canals!

Comics have been appreciated for decades, but I'm sure with new and classic comic books being adapted for the Apple iPad, and iPhone... they'll be appreciated by a whole new audience. I am hoping to have my two roommates available as an app store app or ipad comic in the future too!

John cutting up Newt's comic book collection to use as building material was one of the first plot points I came up with for this story... I knew I had to do it. Usually all it takes is a single idea for a story, and so many plot points quickly spark off of it... many times faster than I can write them down. Lately, I've found myself thinking far off into future episodes and stories of Newt and John. I've designed characters and props and vehicles early to test ideas, and have them ready for those episodes.

I'm glad I'm back into this series, as I like the characters. In many ways they represent all the sides of my personality... which I suppose is an obvious statement since I'm writing all the dialogue. But, what I find is when I write the more logical statements for John, that my sarcastic side naturally comes out in the writing for Newt, leading to a quick come-back for John... and so on. It's the way they make fun of each other and their situation that I enjoy writing most. As you can tell, now that we're at part 4 of this story, and they've simply been flying around in the plane talking and making fun of each other.... but as always, I'm building to something...you'll see next Monday! ;)

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Mike Hogue - May 10th / 2010