"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 6" - New Newt and John Episode!


Face it, we've all seen someone who could use a Uni-brow-bot... lol.

When I wrote this episode, I liked the idea of John having a past experience where one of his inventions was stolen. I didn't have a single thought at the time as to what that invention was... All I wrote down was the word "robot". Seconds later, "bro-bot"...then "brow-bot", which immediately sparked the name "uni-brow-bot". I had a good laugh at the idea...what it might look like... so, I had to keep it. The rest of the episode pretty much wrote itself.

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One thing that didn't write itself was the title. I went through so many ideas, knowing it would be used on multiple episodes. I wanted it to be easy to recognize in the archive, but also not give much of the story away. I came up with so many different titles... Everything from random puns, to plays on Jet terms like "Mach-5" and "Interceptor", to movie title parodies, playing on hits like "Top Gun", "Iron Eagle" and "Flight of the Intruder".... nothing felt right.

I asked some opinions of my friends, and ended up selecting "Paper Air Pains". I still feel like a more perfect title has eluded me... but in the end, this title was memorable, easy to find in the archive... and wasn't too much of a pun to be annoying on multiple episodes.

And So...the chase is on! How will Newt and John do in a mid-air dog-fight? Look for a Double-Issue next week!...in episode 30!

Speaking of reaching 30... Off-topic, but while I was writing this, I paused to find out that Google made a working tribute graphic to Namco's Classic Arcade Game, "Pac-Man" which turned 30 years old on May 22, 2010. Wow, did that make me feel old to read that. It's still one of my favourite video games. I've spent many quarters on it as a kid, and on the rare occasion I see a pacman full-size Arcade Machine, I'm drawn to it. Something about the graphic style, and simplicity of the game that can get so intense. It's the perfect game app to have on my iphone as some times you just need to kill 10 minutes. Anyways, growing up in the 1980's I'm hearing of a lot of these 'Anniversaries' lately. I definitely believe in the "you're as young as you feel" attitude, but it's hard not to feel "old" when you hear something so iconic to the 80's and your childhood is 3 decades old! Ah well... I better stop writing before I the arthritis acts up. ;o)

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Mike Hogue - May 24th / 2010