"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 7" - New Newt and John Episode!


To celebrate reaching 30 Full-page Episodes!... here's a Double-Sized issue!

This was a story I couldn't tell in 7-8 panels...it needed 14-17 to properly time out the gags, and chase scenes. The extra panels for the "stare down" were important to me. I love to throw those in when it suits the moment... I like the subtle changes in expression I can do this way, and it creates enough of a pause to make the next dialogue have more impact.


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Even though I ended up with a double-length episode, it first started out as a full-page story. With some careful planning, I was able to fit all the necessary panels into one page. But, I soon discovered the important information would be lost because the page was so cramped. So I decided to extend the height of some of the panels, allowing for more space to be creative with the artwork, and dramatic angles...and add the "stare down" moment, all of which gave me this extra long episode! The last time I had an episode-page this long was actually the Very First Newt and John Episode!

I have always had the idea of Newt keeping himself entertained using part of the paper airplane. At first I thought I'd have him work on a crossword puzzle... but I liked the idea of him nagging John. I had a thought of those paper "Fortune Teller" origami games that many kids folded when I was young... and kids are still making them today. Let's face it, the fortunes are usually insults, and therefore funny to the one who folded it...and a big waste of time to the person playing. Kids always seem to write "You Smell." as one of the answers... so I couldn't resist doing something so simple as John's fortune. Sure, I could have made it more insulting, but there's something simple and funny to me about the "You Smell." fortune.... added with Newt's belly laugh at the end.

I like that Newt was making it all up as he went along too. There aren't any numbers or colours drawn on the paper, and there aren't any fortunes written... he just felt like being a jerk to John.

So, how will Newt and John get themselves out of this mess? How long can John dodge the Missles... and Newt's sarcasm? Come back on Monday for the next episode!

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Mike Hogue - May 31st / 2010