"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 8" - New Newt and John Episode!


I like the way John seems to be living out some fantasy of being an Arnold Schwarzenegger-style of Action Hero... as though he's always wanted a chance to use some witty dialogue after a cool stunt or big explosion, but every line he knows is lame and cliche.


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I also like the fact that Newt FINALLY gets to use the camera around his neck! I gave him a camera specifically for this episode... so it was necessary to show it around his neck for every episode in this story! It worked well with the sight-seeing premise, and I used it as a visual for weightlessness when they flew upside down in previous episodes... BUT, what I planned to use it for all along was a tribute to the memorable 'upside-down' jet-fighter scene from the movie TOP GUN... when they take a picture of the enemy pilot. In this case I wanted to use it as an opportunity to blind the bad guy so he doesn't see the side of the cliff.

On that topic, I made a decision when I created this comic series. Newt and John shouldn't kill anyone. So, I decided to show the enemy pilot ejecting at the last minute with enough room over the cliff to parachute down. They did this all the time in the 1980's GI JOE Cartoon. I do find it funny in this moment of what should be panic or adrenaline, the pilot has regrets about his career choices.

So, that's one jet down and one to go! The chase continues!... or will Newt and John be captured? Come back on Monday for the next episode!

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Mike Hogue - June 7th / 2010