Rat-Race at a Snail's Pace...

"Rat Race at a Snail's Pace" - Photographed by Mike Hogue - April / 2010

Just after getting off the commuter train... as I was walking quickly to work... I happened to look down and notice this little guy. I took a minute to stop and take a closeup photo with my iPhone.

The ground was a little damp so the snail had just left the grassy edge, and was going for a stroll on the sidewalk.  The air was warming up so the sidewalk was drying out his snail-trail....making a perfect dotted line.

I found myself thinking about all the rushing around we do every day. Always trying to be somewhere or get something done by a certain time.  How much importance we put on it some days.  A lot of this pressure we put on ourselves.  Do what you can to reduce this stress... simplify your life, spend time with friends and loved ones, work on things you enjoy doing, and you'll be much happier.

All the best,

Mike Hogue - April 18th / 2010