"STOKED" - First Episode Airs on TV this Week!

STOKED - First Episode Airs June 25th at 7pm, on Teletoon!...Only 2 Days to go!!!

Stoked, The Animated Surfing Show I have been working on for over a year with a very talented team of Animators and Artists will be Premiering on Teletoon, Canada's Cartoon Channel this Thursday at 7pm!!!

After which Stoked begins airing every Sunday night at 7pm.

We're all very proud of this new original Flash-Animated Series of ours.... it's funny, fresh, with great music, and beautfiul style and art direction....We hope you'll check it out!


Our Friends in the United States... don't worry... Stoked will be airing on your Cartoon Network very soon too! Look for it airing right after "Total Drama Action"! I'll post air-times when I know for sure!

Here's a collection of Total Drama Island / Action Characters Hosting Promotional spots for Stoked, currently airing on the Teletoon Channel.




Thanks for Reading!


Mike Hogue