"STOKED" - Premiere Party!

About a month ago, just before the first episode of "Stoked" aired on Teletoon in Canada... The Studio treated us to a Premiere Party to celebrate! I intended to write about this the week it happened... (which would be more appropriate) but my work with the Studio has kept me quit busy... So, better late than never!




The event was held on the Along the Lake near Toronto, Ontario. Everything was planned for a fun evening with a beach theme... But unfortunately it was raining hard that night. There was still a large turnout though... And eveyone was in good spirits. The event was catered with barbecued food and salads... all of it very good.

The Teletoon company had set up a green-screen area where you could get your picture taken on a surfboard, and super-imposed into a stoked-style wave with one of our main characters from the show. This setup is a part of the travelling "Get Stoked for the Summer" cross-Canada Tour. We also all received stoked T-shirts... sweet... Swag!

Later there were some speeches from the heads of the studio, and the producer... Just before they had a screening of our first two episodes. As we all watched, It was great to see the reactions of the kids as they watched our show... They all seemed to really like it!

With the rainy weather. Many left after the screening... It was also mid-week... so work was the next day. Which always makes for an interesting "Day After"... when you consider the open-bar at the party.

Animators and Artists, Writers and Producers, and several of the character Voice-Actors were together celebrating the launch of our new show. It was a nice evening spent with friends, co-workers and their families.


Here are a couple photos from the event... A description is written beneath each photo when you click on the smaller image.

A picture of myself standing next to one of 2 custom 'Stoked' surfboards.  This one matches the surfboard that "Broseph" uses on the show.  This picture was taken at the beginning of the party, as the first people arrived.

The "Get Stoked" Tour, Pimped-out HUMMER was parked out front of our party for the night.  It was on the road the next day to begin it's cross-Canada Promotional Tour!

A life-size replica surfboard to match the one used by our character, "Fin" was also on display.












Thanks for reading!

Mike Hogue



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