"STOKED" - Sneak Preview

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While at work today, we discovered that someone has posted a low-res video of one of our promotional trailers for "Stoked" on Youtube....so I thought I would post the video in here!

"Stoked" is the new Flash-Animated TV Show I've been working on for over a year. A teen comedy based around Surfing and Surf Culture, with really beautiful Art Direction, Effects and Character Designs...and it's funny too!  It is set to air in time for Summer!




If you cannot see the video below, try watching it on YouTube at this Link

I was a part of the core team that developed the look and feel of the show, designing many of the waves and ocean effects, building characters, the cell-phones and computer props, and a variety of character animation...

Now that we're in production I'm working closely with our Lead Effects-Animators... who come from a Traditional Hand-Drawn Effects background.  They have complimented the waves I designed, with some feature-quality water effects!  Other 'crashing' wave designs were drawn by hand... by an Effects Animator, one frame at a time. Together we're creating all of the surfing shots from scratch, entirely in Flash...

I also composite the shots within the flash files... combining all the animated elements, and finish each scene by animating the shot with a 'freehand camera' look, so it feels like you're right on the water with the characters. Many surfing sequences flow from shot to shot with seamless transitions...Flying up, over and through the waves... while others have quick cuts depending on the action.

I handle the surfing footage mostly, (there's a lot of it, as you'd expect!)... but I also tend to have my hands in quite a few shots throughout each episode... keeping continuity from scene to scene, adding as many environmental details, or custom camera moves to make the show look like it was filmed by a real camera crew.

"Stoked" is produced by the same writing team and animation studio that brought you the hit shows, "6Teen" and "Total Drama Island". 

I'll cover more behind-the-scenes in a future 'Career Highlights' post, dedicated to my work on 'Stoked'... but for now I wanted to give you all a sneak peek!


Thanks for reading!... Cheers!

Mike Hogue


Looks really cool. I saw it's

Looks really cool. I saw it's on teletoon in CA. Any chance of it coming to the states? That water efx animation is top notch !!

It will begin airing at the

It will begin airing at the end of June on Teletoon (Canada), and on Cartoon Network (USA) a week or two later. So glad it's getting a wide audience to start!

Mike H.

Love the look of STOKED

The color palette of this show blows me away. I love looking at ti!
Character, props and backgrounds are wonderfully rendered.
Great work!!