"STOKED" IN THE USA! - Airs July 16th on Cartoon Network!

Cartoon Network's Promotional Page for "Stoked" (c) 2009 - www.cartoonnetwork.comAfter a succesful few weeks on Canada's Teletoon cartoon channel, the first episode of "STOKED" will finally air this week on CARTOON NETWORK in the USA!

Check it out on Thursday, July 16th at 8:30 pm EST on the Cartoon Network channel! 


Also look for episodes of Total Drama Action, and 6-Teen (Shows we also make at the Animation studio where I work)... airing the same night!  'Stoked' is written by the same writers, and created by the same animation studio that produces these two hit teen comedies!


Visit Cartoonnetwork.com for all the details and upcoming show schedules!

Thanks for checking it out, I know you'll love this show as much as we do!  


Mike Hogue