"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 2" - New Newt and John Episode!


Newt and John's high-flying adventure continues!...

Newt has been Newt-napped! Or at least lied to... Wow, John can be a jerk some times.

I'm having fun with the new layout style. It's giving me so much more room for the speech balloons, allowing for slightly larger fonts at times too. This was always a problem with the early episodes. Many of those I feel in hind-sight, I should have made into 2 page episodes... just to clean it up a little. Still though, it did offer a challenge to really tell a lot in each panel of artwork. Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 1" - New Newt and John Episode!

Newt and John are off on another Adventure!  


This multi-part story started out as I was watching the original Hanna-Barbera "Jonny Quest" cartoon. I bought the dvd's on sale, without ever seeing a full episode before... but I liked the comic-book look and feel to the show. I have been a fan of Alex Toth, one of the designers on Jonny Quest. It was his simplistic, yet futuristic designs of jet airplanes used in the episode "The Robot Spy" that had me thinking of a straight-lined supersonic Jet design with an angled front like the Concorde. So, I decided to create the jet I had imagined, in google's 3D sketchup software. Read more »

Rat-Race at a Snail's Pace...

"Rat Race at a Snail's Pace" - Photographed by Mike Hogue - April / 2010

Just after getting off the commuter train... as I was walking quickly to work... I happened to look down and notice this little guy. I took a minute to stop and take a closeup photo with my iPhone. Read more »

"MUGBOT" - New Newt and John Episode!


The Evolution of "MUGBOT"

It's taken over a year to get this comic online. I started working on it just after I had finished Episode 20, without knowing I'd get so busy with work that I wouldn't find the time or energy to finish it for over a year. I planned for this to be episode 21, but I thought the idea of "Jump the Shark" was more appropriate to bring back the series... and I couldn't let another April Fools Day pass without a comic either. So here we are at episode 23, and I'm glad I finally get to introduce MUGBOT to the world! LOL. Read more »

Career Highlights "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem" - 1999-2001

Cover Art for the Nintendo Gamecube game, "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem"


After 4 years living and working in Arizona, I moved back to my "Home and Native Land", Canada in the fall of 1999. After taking a short time to get everything re-established here, and securing a place to live, I began my job at a local video game company. Read more »

"April Fools Day" - New Newt and John Episode!


Man, it feels good to be a Prankstah!

I thought of this story last week, and have been working on it daily to get it done in time for April 1st. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Newt and John are always trying to out-do the other with their comments... now it's a battle of wits with practical jokes! Read more »

"Jump The Shark" - New Newt and John Episode!


Where has the time gone?! In my mind, the Newt and John series has never ended, but I know some of Newt and John's fans have given up on the comic after the updates stopped. I have been writing more stories over the past year, and working on several comics off and on while working full time and enjoying life....but either way, it's been over a year since the last episode of Newt and John!


Career Highlights - "Titan A.E" - 2000

Original theatrical poster for Titan A.E (c) 2000 Twentieth Century Fox



Following "Anastasia" and "Bartok the Magnificent", we produced one last feature film... Read more »

"STOKED" on iTunes!

"Stoked" page logo for iTunes Canada page.



If you want to own your favourite "Stoked" episodes or take them with you on your iPod... here are the links to download "Stoked" at Apple's iTunes store.


  Read more »

"STOKED" - Premiere Party!

About a month ago, just before the first episode of "Stoked" aired on Teletoon in Canada... The Studio treated us to a Premiere Party to celebrate! I intended to write about this the week it happened... (which would be more appropriate) but my work with the Studio has kept me quit busy... So, better late than never! Read more »