"BOTTOMLESS PITIFUL - PART 4" - Episode 40 - Double Issue!


R.I.P "GLOWIE" - 2010... We hardly knew Ye.

Ok, just like the previous episode, this one was not a part of my original story... but I liked the idea of mis-directing the reader to thinking Newt and John were finally at the end of their journey... only to reveal the "light at the end of the tunnel" was actually a new creature. It also gave the reader a much-needed break from looking at the boring eyeballs against black background. I intentionally based all light sources in those panels using "Glowie" as a center-point. You'll also notice I put bright highlights on Newt and John's pupils... which I've never used before. In this case it really added something, and gave a sense of closeness to the light source. Read more »

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