Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Special Effects Demo Reel!

Screenshots from Mike Hogue's Flash Animation and Effects Demo Reel.  You can View it at:

I have edited together a Professional Demo Reel Collection of some of my more complex Flash Character Animation, Effects and Scene Compositing Work from various productions.

It's just a sample of what I've had the pleasure of working on in my career.

Everything was animated in Macromedia Flash MX, and Flash 8 including all effects, camera moves and in-scene transitions... Click here to read more and watch the video... Read more »

Lecture and Video Presentation to Sheridan College Animation Students

Mike Hogue giving a lecture to 1st and 2nd Year Animation students at Sheridan College, April 11th, 2012

On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture and video presentation to the 1st and 2nd Year Animation Students at the World-Famous Sheridan Animation College, in Oakville, Ontario.

I was right where they were, a first year student 20 years ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long.  So, as a Sheridan Alumni, it felt quite surreal to be back... and see how much it has changed.   Read more »

"STOKED" IN THE USA! - Airs July 16th on Cartoon Network!

Cartoon Network's Promotional Page for "Stoked" (c) 2009 - www.cartoonnetwork.comAfter a succesful few weeks on Canada's Teletoon cartoon channel, the first episode of "STOKED" will finally air this week on CARTOON NETWORK in the USA!

Check it out on Thursday, July 16th at 8:30 pm EST on the Cartoon Network channel! 

  Read more »

"STOKED" Promotional Tour!

Right Side View of the "Stoked" Promotional Tour HUMMER! (c) 2009 - Teletoon, Inc.

It's been a while since my last post, as there has been little time to update lately... but that will change soon enough!  Look for new Posts and Tutorials Soon!

For the past couple months, I have basically been working Two jobs for the same studio.  Full-time Creating and Compositing Flash-Animated Ocean and Surfing Effects on "Stoked" during the day... and my evenings and weekends have been spent creating a minute-long Flash Animated Short for a new pilot project for the same studio.  Read more »

Career Highlights - "Bartok The Magnificent" - 1999

DVD Cover Art of 20th Century Fox's "Bartok The Magnificent" (1999)

When "Anastasia" was finished, and about to be released in theaters, we took a few weeks and animated some custom "Bartok the Bat" commercial bumpers to show on Fox Kids Saturday morning cartoons.  Bartok would be 'hosting' the cartoon lineup for several weeks over the release of Anastasia in theaters.  The short clips were anywhere from 5-10 seconds, to longer 30 second shorts... and were pretty funny.  On the first weekend that Bartok was hosting, I decided to get up early and watch. To this day I am still confused why Fox only played the commercial for 'Anastasia' a couple times over this 6 hour cartoon lineup, while they played commercials for the re-release of Disney's 'Little Mermaid' and "Flubber" at nearly every commercial break.

Around the same time we animated the 'bumpers', we also created a little animation of Bartok for a Burger King - Kids Meal Commercial... the toys were really cool, including a working train set! Read more »

"STOKED" - Sneak Preview

"Stoked" Logo - (c) 2008-2009


While at work today, we discovered that someone has posted a low-res video of one of our promotional trailers for "Stoked" on I thought I would post the video in here!

"Stoked" is the new Flash-Animated TV Show I've been working on for over a year. A teen comedy based around Surfing and Surf Culture, with really beautiful Art Direction, Effects and Character Designs...and it's funny too!  It is set to air in time for Summer! Read more »

Career Highlights - "Anastasia" 1995-1997

Theatrical Movie Poster of 20th Century Fox's "Anastasia" (1997)


Just last night, on the Canadian TV Cartoon Channel "Teletoon", they played the first film I ever worked on as a professional... "Anastasia".  It's been shown many times on television since being released on Dvd about 10 years ago, and during the production of the film I must have watched it nearly 300 times in various states of completion (no exaggeration!)... but for some reason, last night I found myself watching it again, as it triggered many memories. So, it seems fitting that I start this "Career Highlights" section of the blog now... where it all began... Read more »

First Post! - The Story So Far...

Welcome to my Art and Animation Production Diary!

Ok, I’m a little behind the net on starting a Blog.  It’s really come down to having a custom site to showcase it.  I have several Art and Animation sites that I maintain… but I wanted a way to talk about everything I have going on, in one convenient place… so, that’s what this site will be.  Special thanks to Pierre Marcel of Imagery Fusion for setting up this new open-source ‘Drupal’ website, and for giving me a refresher course on how to maintain the site and upload my content.

I’ve been told that I write the way I talk, casual, friendly, funny… with the occasional footnote, or long-winded tangent.  So, that’s what you can expect in here.  I'll try and keep future posts shorter though.  ;) 


Also, if you have an interest in learning flash or animation basics, check out my Tutorial Section!

A little about me:

I live near Toronto, Canada.  I’ve been an Artist my whole life, and a Professional Animator since graduating the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in the mid-90’s.

A lot about my career:  

Anastasia (1997)    -    Bartok the Magnificent (1999)    -    Titan A.E (2000) Read more »

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