"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 10" - New Newt and John Episode!


In all it's green glory!.. The worlds biggest Olive on a Toothpick!

When Newt originally talked about this back in PART 5, I wasn't entirely sure I'd ever show it. But the idea just sounded too cool not to use it. Well, cool as far as a road-side attraction goes.

Both the United States and Canada are famous for their Giant Roadside Attractions and over-sized novelties. It's all about attracting tourists and passer-by's to the small towns. Everything from giant Wooden Nickels, to a giant Muskoka Chair (wooden patio chair), to a Giant Moose can be found along Canadian highways. The idea of a giant Olive on a toothpick sounded possible... but, "Oh the Humanity!" if it comes crashing down! Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 9" - New Newt and John Episode!


Yep... I'm building to something.

I decided to use this episode as a 'bridge' between the last double-issues, and the next story where Newt and John make another unique attempt to take down the last military jet. I liked changing the setting and the altitude a little in this episode by showing a chase through the rocky canyon they've been flying over all this time. It also helps establish, just how well the military pilot can keep up with them. Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 8" - New Newt and John Episode!


I like the way John seems to be living out some fantasy of being an Arnold Schwarzenegger-style of Action Hero... as though he's always wanted a chance to use some witty dialogue after a cool stunt or big explosion, but every line he knows is lame and cliche.

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 7" - New Newt and John Episode!


To celebrate reaching 30 Full-page Episodes!... here's a Double-Sized issue!

This was a story I couldn't tell in 7-8 needed 14-17 to properly time out the gags, and chase scenes. The extra panels for the "stare down" were important to me. I love to throw those in when it suits the moment... I like the subtle changes in expression I can do this way, and it creates enough of a pause to make the next dialogue have more impact. Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 6" - New Newt and John Episode!


Face it, we've all seen someone who could use a Uni-brow-bot... lol.

When I wrote this episode, I liked the idea of John having a past experience where one of his inventions was stolen. I didn't have a single thought at the time as to what that invention was... All I wrote down was the word "robot". Seconds later, "bro-bot"...then "brow-bot", which immediately sparked the name "uni-brow-bot". I had a good laugh at the idea...what it might look like... so, I had to keep it. The rest of the episode pretty much wrote itself. Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 5" - New Newt and John Episode!


OH NO!... PLOT!!!

Well, now we're in for some action! From the beginning I've planned to have Newt and John become the target of military aircraft... this will really give John a chance to test out the maneuverability of his paper airplane! Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 2" - New Newt and John Episode!


Newt and John's high-flying adventure continues!...

Newt has been Newt-napped! Or at least lied to... Wow, John can be a jerk some times.

I'm having fun with the new layout style. It's giving me so much more room for the speech balloons, allowing for slightly larger fonts at times too. This was always a problem with the early episodes. Many of those I feel in hind-sight, I should have made into 2 page episodes... just to clean it up a little. Still though, it did offer a challenge to really tell a lot in each panel of artwork. Read more »

"PAPER AIR PAINS - PART 1" - New Newt and John Episode!

Newt and John are off on another Adventure!  


This multi-part story started out as I was watching the original Hanna-Barbera "Jonny Quest" cartoon. I bought the dvd's on sale, without ever seeing a full episode before... but I liked the comic-book look and feel to the show. I have been a fan of Alex Toth, one of the designers on Jonny Quest. It was his simplistic, yet futuristic designs of jet airplanes used in the episode "The Robot Spy" that had me thinking of a straight-lined supersonic Jet design with an angled front like the Concorde. So, I decided to create the jet I had imagined, in google's 3D sketchup software. Read more »

"April Fools Day" - New Newt and John Episode!


Man, it feels good to be a Prankstah!

I thought of this story last week, and have been working on it daily to get it done in time for April 1st. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Newt and John are always trying to out-do the other with their comments... now it's a battle of wits with practical jokes! Read more »

"Jump The Shark" - New Newt and John Episode!


Where has the time gone?! In my mind, the Newt and John series has never ended, but I know some of Newt and John's fans have given up on the comic after the updates stopped. I have been writing more stories over the past year, and working on several comics off and on while working full time and enjoying life....but either way, it's been over a year since the last episode of Newt and John!


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