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Career Highlights - "Bartok The Magnificent" - 1999

DVD Cover Art of 20th Century Fox's "Bartok The Magnificent" (1999)

When "Anastasia" was finished, and about to be released in theaters, we took a few weeks and animated some custom "Bartok the Bat" commercial bumpers to show on Fox Kids Saturday morning cartoons.  Bartok would be 'hosting' the cartoon lineup for several weeks over the release of Anastasia in theaters.  The short clips were anywhere from 5-10 seconds, to longer 30 second shorts... and were pretty funny.  On the first weekend that Bartok was hosting, I decided to get up early and watch. To this day I am still confused why Fox only played the commercial for 'Anastasia' a couple times over this 6 hour cartoon lineup, while they played commercials for the re-release of Disney's 'Little Mermaid' and "Flubber" at nearly every commercial break.

Around the same time we animated the 'bumpers', we also created a little animation of Bartok for a Burger King - Kids Meal Commercial... the toys were really cool, including a working train set! Read more »

Career Highlights - "Anastasia" 1995-1997

Theatrical Movie Poster of 20th Century Fox's "Anastasia" (1997)


Just last night, on the Canadian TV Cartoon Channel "Teletoon", they played the first film I ever worked on as a professional... "Anastasia".  It's been shown many times on television since being released on Dvd about 10 years ago, and during the production of the film I must have watched it nearly 300 times in various states of completion (no exaggeration!)... but for some reason, last night I found myself watching it again, as it triggered many memories. So, it seems fitting that I start this "Career Highlights" section of the blog now... where it all began... Read more »

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