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Return to Phoenix, Arizona - Visiting the Old "Fox Animation Studios" Building

Visiting the Old "Fox Animation Studios" Building in Phoenix Arizona in 2012. The photograph in the first image was taken on my first day of work back in 1995.

Yesterday I went by the old "Fox Animation Studios" building where I started my career back in 1995. (Click on the small image to the left, to see the full-size images.)

The photograph I'm holding in the first image was taken on my first day of work in August of 1995. I worked there for Over 4 years.

At this studio we completed 3 Animated Feature Films for 20th Century Fox. "Anastasia" (1997), "Bartok the Magnificent" (1998), and "Titan A.E." (2000) with Director's Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Clicking the links to the movies will open up previous "Career Highlights" blog entries about my time working on those films.

The studio closed down halfway into the year 2000. The building has been boarded up behind a barb-wire fence since then, and It's scheduled to be demolished this summer since it's really prime real-estate in the ritzy "Biltmore" shopping area of Phoenix. So while visiting my friends in Phoenix, I thought I'd stop by and get some photos for the last time.

Really what this building represents to me is one of the best moments in my career, some of the best years in my life, and its the place I met the many talented friends, who I remain friends with today. I'm grateful to know them all. :)

Career Highlights - "Titan A.E" - 2000

Original theatrical poster for Titan A.E (c) 2000 Twentieth Century Fox



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