Stoked Teletoon Flash Animation Cartoon Career

"STOKED" - Premiere Party!

About a month ago, just before the first episode of "Stoked" aired on Teletoon in Canada... The Studio treated us to a Premiere Party to celebrate! I intended to write about this the week it happened... (which would be more appropriate) but my work with the Studio has kept me quit busy... So, better late than never! Read more »

"STOKED" - First Episode Airs on TV this Week!

STOKED - First Episode Airs June 25th at 7pm, on Teletoon!...Only 2 Days to go!!!

Stoked, The Animated Surfing Show I have been working on for over a year with a very talented team of Animators and Artists will be Premiering on Teletoon, Canada's Cartoon Channel this Thursday at 7pm!!!

After which Stoked begins airing every Sunday night at 7pm. Read more »

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